Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Update

First of all I want to share our balloon launch! I have followed C Jane and Nie Nie's blogs for a long time. Their's are the sort of blog that are fun to visit whether you know them or not. Their love of live and sense of humor is sure to brighten my day. On Aug 16 Nie and her husband Christian were in an awful airplane accident you can read about here. So to show our love and support, and I guess a visual version of our prayers, people all over the world let balloons off with their wishes for Nie and Christian's recovery and family attached yesterday.

Matthew was off with Dad so Brittany was my launcher. I have to say I have thought a lot about how grateful I am for my happy, healthy family since Nie's accident. Hopefully I am being a nicer mom too, just because I can.

Matthew and his dad were off at the Good Guys car show yesterday.

William said the theme of their day was hunting for "woodies"

Don't you love the colors?!

Apparently root beer in hand is a requirement. They had loads of fun!

It was a lovely, sort of lazy day. Brittany and I played with sculpey clay and watched Enchanted. Then the kids and the dad watch Mythbusters (their new favorite) and washed cars! Yeah, mine was really dirty!

So now these are all ready to go. Well, the backpacks anyhow! Tomorrow we will have a first grader and a fourth grader. I can't believe it! Good thing that little guy in the middle is staying with me so I don't get too sad!

P.S. Brittany just lost another tooth and wanted me to post it for the relatives! Cute isn't she? We are thinking of getting her baby food soon though, not many left!


Circe said...

I love the car show pictures! And the backpacks by the front door. It's funny, I'm staging my entryway for a very similar picture as we speak! Good luck tomorrow!

Mikki said...

We have a first and a fourth grader too! My where does the time go? I've got my two little guys to keep me company as well. We'll be staging everything tonight.

The Motherboard said...

How fun! I am getting my "unplanned" photo shoots ready too! I'll have a kindergartener, 4thgrader and 8thgrader... I feel a little verklempt! :>)

I have balloon photos to post too... Hopefully after school starts. I'm holding my blogging until then.

My little one has been praying for "the sick people in the hospital. Please Heavenly Father let them get better for their babies". Does that just rip at your heart??

I am glad you share this obsession about NieNie with me. Its nice to have someone who "understands".
Ya know?

Have a happy first day of school tomorrow!

Jenn said...

Happy 1st day of school!!!!

So lovely that you launched the balloons for Stephanie and Christian!!! I'm having an auction (at my blog) on Thursday to benefit the nienie fund. They have been in my thoughts so much...

Happy week to you Michelle:)

The Munchkin Patch said...

Be sure to check out our Back to School Bash going on at The Munchkin Patch this week!!

love.boxes said...

Happy school days!

dubuhdudesigns said...

Where did summer go?!? Cute pics of the thing you know it'll be graduation day!
That was a nice tribute to this family that has undergone this really bad accident. Sending good thoughts their way .

Sarah Smiles said...

how exciting Ivan is still hoping he will start losing teeth like his siblings