Friday, August 08, 2008

What do you do in the Summertime

So we are getting to the dregs as far as fun ideas of things to do with kids goes around here. Two more weeks until school starts and we seem to have done it all. So yesterday we tried something new. On someone's blog (sorry, can't remember who!) I saw an idea for fabric collage with kids. Basically you let you kids use your scrap bag to make a collage. This was my basic idea but I had a box of fabric crayons I picked up on clearance I let the kids use too. Matthew went crazy with them! He was knocking out masterpiece after masterpiece!

I think this is my favorite.

Love this one too. He has done about five now, I am going to encourage him to do one more and then I think I will use them for squares of a little tv quilt I will make for his birthday in September. Won't that be cute?

Brittany stayed more true to my original idea. She used the fabric crayons to draw one of my favorite subjects, cherries and then used bits to create a frame. She isn't quite done. I have to think of something really good for this creation too.

So we sat around, kids stitching and drawing and me stuffing witches whiel we watched the Amazing Panda Adventure in preparation for the Olympics. A really good afternoon. But don't get me wrong, school starting will be fun too!


Elise said...

At what age did you teach your children to sew? I recall making pillows(by hand) for my Barbies around 10 maybe. I love the idea. Oh my gosh, what a fab Christmas gift that would make!! A quilt with their own drawings embroidered on.

Natasha Burns said...

These are great! Wow your kids are super talented artistically, seriously good!!! Love the idea, what a great gift idea for grandparents too, the people who have everything and are impossible to buy for! they'd treasure something like this for sure

quiltdude said...

Using those squares for a TV throw is such a good idea, he'll keep it forever.
Did you see the opening ceremony of the Olympics? It was amazing.
X Clare

love.boxes said...

B & M are both very talented like their mom!

Circe said...

I can't wait to see Matthew's quilt! See, this is why I tell people to get us art project stuff for birthdays. And by that, I mean any old bunch of junk you have lying around. I'm sure my kids, Free included, would love a big, fat pile of fabric scraps more than some plastic Dora toy with parts I'll probably throw away the next day. Thanks for the inspiration, AGAIN!

Mikki said...

These are fabulous!! He's pretty artisitic isn't he. That will make an adorable quilt.

tyketto said...

Howdy. I found you via Lori's blog (Morning Glories & Moonflowers). You children did such great work! I have a pack of fabric crayons upstairs that I need to give my kids.

As for other things to do - I just put a daisy chain tutorial up on my blog - maybe not great for boys but great for girls (

And, I saw on another blog, that you more or less grate crayons, place the shredded crayon on a rock that is in a sunny spot in your yard. Grab a magnifying glass and let the sun melt the crayons onto the rock. It has been too rainy here for us to try it buy if you have sun it would be worth a shot. School here won't start until after labor day.

Have fun, Beth said...

How cute! I've never tried fabric crayons, are you pretty happy with the way they work? I'd love to draw on clothes for the baby with some!

Rachel said...

Way to go Matthew. I love your masterpieces. I love the fabric creation as well, Brittany. smiles again