Friday, January 09, 2009

New Matryoshkas!

I have been working on a new design for the Matryoshkas lately. Not sure why since I probably won't be able to sell them when the toxic toy bill takes effect February 10. If you haven't heard about how Handmade toys will become endangered species go here to read about it. Anyhow, I wanted to get these made for Valentine's Day so I am hoping they will be in the shop tomorrow!
**They are in the Shop now!**


Circe said...

Those are adorable! Too bad they're probably full of lead. Ha ha...just kiddin'.

Sarah Smiles said...

Nice work!

Flor Larios Art said...

Your dolls are beautiful! I love the ones in the banner or logo.
Nice blog!
I invite you to visit mine I am having a Frida Kahlo necklace giveaway!

Jenn said...

Michelle, they are so cute. Hopefully we can all make a difference by fighting this insane CPSIA!!!! There have been some hopeful developments...there's an update in an article on The Storque I think...or maybe it was the Buy Handmade site...

Christine said...

I really like the ones with the black fabric! I still can't believe that law is going into effect ; /

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Hi Michelle! I haven't visited in a few days and I just soent the past few minutes catching up. Wow! You have a lot going on. Good news with the house selling!!! I hope you find your dream house:)

I hope the kids are feeling better and you are too. Snuggling comes with a price!!

Thanks for the Lego Detector turns out, I have two of them too:)


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