Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Pendants in the Shop!

I've been trying to get some goodies in the shop for Valentine's Day. Yesterday, as predicted, I was hit by my kids flu. Lucky for me it was the 24 hour variety, especially since William reminded me that was as long as moms are allowed. My friend Circe was impressed I got that long, I told her it was only because I am at my mom's house and she took care of me! Anyway, today is better and the sun is shining so I could take some pictures. I have been playing with Scrabble tiles and vintagey papers. This is the end result and they are in the shop. Well some of them are. Let me know if there is one in the picture you would like that isn't listed. I sort of ran out of steam along the way.

And how was I able to get this done this morning? Remember the sun I mentioned? Joshua was really happy to see it too!


i cant sew said...

these are too cute, do they have the letter on the other side? what a spectacular idea! %*_*%

Sarah Smiles said...

I am with Joshua I loved seeing the sun today as well. Byron has been asking me all day when Joshua is going to come to our house to play. I told him that you have had sickness at your house. Sorry that you got it as well. I am glad you are better now.

love.boxes said...

Very cute!

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