Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Spring Fever!

I am wishing for sunny beaches. Utah has one fatal flaw in the winter, it is called inversion. The air basically turns to yuck and won't clear out until we have some kind of storm to shower it clean. So I am missing sunny beaches today. And wishing my little girl was still this little so I could put her in one of these adorable swimsuits from Chasing Fireflies.

Maybe I will stick my boys in one of these instead. Wouldn't this be awesome suspended from Matthew's bedroom ceiling?


sws said...

I saw those cute suits in Chasing Fireflies...I love that catalog...and yuck to the is definitely a flaw of winter here! hope you are great! ss

love.boxes said...

Brown air is just wrong!

Gail :) said...

I LOVE those suits, Gina would too! That swing is amazing! They have it at a local toy store. I wish I could afford it for Adler's room.
It would have been perfect if we would have been swap partners! I am actually partnered with a lady that lives 20 min from me! I might just drop it on her door step to save shipping ;)

Jenn said...

oh my gosh...I need a girl to put in one of those suits!!! How cute!!! Happy weekend:) xoxoxo...jenn