Saturday, January 03, 2009

One of my Favorite Gifts

Don't you love it when someone gives you a gift you didn't know you wanted? William did that this Christmas, he is really good at it actually and did it a couple of times this year. This post is about the new markers he gave me. About 30 brand new, super juicy, bright colored, never-been-used-by-kids, markers. And I love them! He and my dad were watching the Sugar bowl last night (way to go Utes!) so I had a chance to play with them. I wish my doodles were more accomplished but here they are. Some things I am hoping to work on, maybe for Valentine's Day.

So if you want some fun, and want to remember how fun drawing was when you were 10 go get some new, super juicy, bright colored, never-been-used-by-kids, markers!


Queen Elizabeth said...

I went through a coloring phase last year. Bought a ton of markers and some really cool coloring books. I need to get back "into" it - maybe now that the holidays are over. I hear you - they're FUN!!!

i cant sew said...

i love colouring and i am a teacher so that is a good thing. your designs look smashing cant wait to see them come to life.
%*_*% rosey