Wednesday, February 10, 2010


See this face? Cute isn't he? Unfortunately it is deceiving. Joshua and I have been embroiled in a power struggle for the last couple of weeks. Potty-training. I know, he is three and a half and loads of kids have been doing it for a year by the time they are his age. Basically he has a lazy mother and it is easier to use the four diapers a day and not have to deal with the accidents and laundry. But we really need to accomplish this. So any suggestions would be appreciated. We have already tried new underwear,, spending the day on the potty while mom reads to you, rewards including beloved candy corn, Bakugan, and legos. That is when you know your kids should already be potty trained, when he wants legos and Bakugan as his reward.
Yep, he can do tricks on my furniture but can't use the potty. I know, he won't go to college like this right?


vivian said...

I have to be honest, with boys it is a little harder. but I just waited til mine wanted to do it and skipped the stress.. ONe day they just decided they were big boys and it was done. I have a friend that made little oragami floating boats and floated them in the toilet. the she told her son to aim and sink! HEy, what ever works for ya! He'll do it before you know it. just keep doing what youre doing.

Queen Elizabeth said...

Best of luck. I HATE potty training. Torture. Pure torture.

Cheryl said...

Try using a timer. Set the timer for every 20-30 minutes to get started. Then go to every hour or so when he "gets it".. When the timer goes off... have a race to the bathroom, make a big deal about "racing". The first one to sit on the pot & pee gets a sticker. You'll be wearing a lot of stickers but he'll get it sooner than you think.... just you wait, he'll want to beat you.