Monday, February 22, 2010

Precious Faces

These are the little faces I love. My biggest fear has always been that something might happen to them or their dad and they would be taken from me. This week I was reminded that there are worse things.

Remember these little booties that were so fun to make? I made them for a much anticipated baby named Max. Max is my sister's nephew. His mom and dad waited a long time for him. The day after his due date, at a routine appointment the ultrasound showed a large heart defect. He was delivered early the next morning and although so many prayers were said and heroic efforts were made he went back to live with his Heavenly Father instead of his earthly one. We have a very vital doctrine in our church that we come to this earth to get bodies and face challenges. Then after we have learned all we can we return to our Heavenly Father. We believe that families that are sealed in holy temples can live together forever. It is so hard to accept that this much beloved baby only needed his body for a brief moment. Hard too to understand how any place, even with our Heavenly Father, could be a better place than in his Mommy's arms.
I don't often write like this on my blog, my religion is really a very private thing for me. But after this experience of watching my sister and her in-laws try desperately to be there for these shattered parents I have really felt like I needed to remind myself of these things. I am so grateful to be a Mom everyday. Grateful that I get to have my kids everyday. So I even though my kids are probably tired of my kissing on them so much lately I will keep doing it. I will also pray that I will never be tested as Max's parents have although they have done it with such grace and strength.


vivian said...

Hi Michelle, how sad. Somethings we just dont get to understand in our lifetime on earth. I hope your sisters inlaws are grounded in faith to help them get through their loss. I can not imagine the pain. And like you, Its a fear of mine too. I am so greatful to God for the health and safe keeping of my family!

Jennie said...

I'm so sorry to hear that! What terrible news. I'm glad you shared your testimony here. I love hearing other's thoughts and feelings and they in turn strengthen my own testimony.

Circe said...

What an almost impossible test it would be to lose a baby so soon after he arrives, or anytime, really. My heart aches for their loss. The only way to survive would be to know that there is a plan and that it is OK, despite the crushing loss. I can't even pretend to imagine.

Gail :) said...

Michelle, I am so very sorry for this loss. My prayers are with the family.