Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Birthday Girl

Today was Miss Brittany's 11th birthday. What fun we had! We decided to do a glamour tea party so we took Brittany and three friends to the local beauty school for updos and manicures. It took a little longer than I expected (and the local beauty school students were a bit edger than expected!) but wow the results were fun!
Here is Brittany with her Cinderella do. She smiled the entire time she was in the chair.

Her super cute friends. They all looked gorgeous.

Then we went home and they all decorated big cupcakes on the little cake platters I made. That is an actual craft people-I will post about it in the next day or two. Oh, and please notice the little petit fours I stayed up until midnight making at Brittany's request. They were utterly yucky. Hey, they can't all be winners.
Then the girls went downstairs to complete the transformation. Aren't they beautiful girls?

Then the tea party commenced. I am so glad Brittany has found such darling friends.

Bedtime for the birthday girl. New Alice nightshirt and furry friend. She may be eleven but she is still my little girl!


Circe said...

What a fun birthday! Everything looks perfect. I bet the petits fours were great! So glad everything turned out like a fairy tale! They all look so glamorous!

Camille said...

So girlie and so fun! I love kids birthdays!