Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Crafting Begins

Not only have the summer field trips begun but so has the crafting. My nieces came up for a day last week and we painted rocks. Cute cupcakes aren't they?
Matthew made an awesome dinosaur and eagle and tried out the swirly rock that everyone eventually mastered. We drizzled acrylic paint right onto the rock and the drug a toothpick through it.

Abby and Libby created some wonderful animals and flowers too. One tip we learned was that a coat of clear varnish after everything was done really made a huge difference. We rushed the whole process along by putting the newly painted rocks in a warm oven to help them dry faster.

These girls cannot get together without playing dress up. Our three princesses.

Did I mention they dance too? Let the Summer crafting begin!


Camille said...

Oh Boy! You always seem to have so much fun!

Natasha Burns said...

those rocks are SO cute! how very imaginitive they all are!