Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Pansy Garden

A long time ago, about two houses ago, our Grandma started something she probably wishes she hadn't. She thought it would be fun for Brittany to have her own little pansy garden to pick flowers from, I think Brittany was about 5. So for a few years they planted flowers in a spot at our old house. Brittany loved it. She tried really hard to figure out how to get Grandma to come to our house in California at just the right time to plant the pansy garden there together. That didn't work but last week she got her chance again. They went to the nursery and got a lot more flowers than ever before. Then the planting began.

Then Matthew said he really liked snap dragons and he wished he had a garden. Back she came, this time with snap dragons plus some other flowers.

Everyone planted and watered-except me. It all looked fabulous and everyone was having a great time watering. Then Josh told Grandma he really needed blue flowers. Guess who showed up Saturday with blue pansies? Yep, Super-Grandma!


Circe said...

Your mom is amazing. Really amazing!

NanaNay said...

Looks like fun. Your landscaping is so nice.

Is that snow on tope of the mountains in the background?