Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Taking the Cake

Anybody remember when this blog was about things other than kids? Like crafts and food? I miss those days. But these are the days of Summer and birthdays at our house. This is Joshua's cake eaten Sunday.
He was pretty happy with it.

Brittany wanted the fairy village cake she found on Family Fun. She had a lot of fun making it but I definitely think it would have been cheaper to just buy one.

Pretty happy girl though.

We combined the two kids family birthday party so the cousins wouldn't have to make two trips. There were more presents to be opened.

Thank heavens, now we won't have naked ZhuZhu pets running around anymore!


Sarah Smiles said...

Nice cakes. Love the happy faces! Way to go, Brittany! Happy Birthday Josh and Brittany!

Circe said...

I want to live in on Brittany's cake. Happy birthday to both amazing kids!