Monday, June 21, 2010

Recital Week

Last week was one of my very favorite weeks of the whole year. Ballet Recital week. It started with the dress rehersal. WE were lulcky enought to get to have lunch with some of our fellow dancing friends and their poor brothers who may not enjoy recital week as much as the rest of us. That is my friend Circe in the middle who teaches at our school.
It is amazing to look at these girls and remember when they were all as tiny as our little "music box dancer" Xanthe there in the pink. They have all become such lovely dancers. I was sad I didn't get to see Ari and Golda this year though.
Then our week took an ugly turn for the worse. See Brittany? She looks pretty doesn't she? You would never guess she was throwing up shortly before this picture was taken. Yep, she got the horrible flu the rest of the family had had all week. Except did she get it Monday like Josh? Wednesday like me? Friday like her dad? No, she waited until Friday night so that she was sick all night long and into the morning. With a performance at 1 and again at 7 I didn't know what to do. I mean, a dance with missing dancer is just not the same and it would have been so obvious in this year's dance. So after calling my friend Circe for serious counseling I called the teacher and explained. She said to bring Brittany just for her dance and then take her home.
Here she sits with her bowl waiting her turn. Lovely.
Minutes before going on with her class. The fun part was I got watch from backstage, a unique perspective. Then the unthinkable happened. MY CELL PHONE RANG! Would you believe the ring was the song they were about to dance to? Of course my bottomless pit of a purse was stuffed full with her shoes, the camera, and a multitude of other garbage. It just kept ringing and I swear it got louder. I still want to die thinking about it. Eventually I finally got it turned off and watched her dance, she was amazing. Then I took her right home and put her to bed. Then we turned around and did the whole thing all over again but by then she was feeling a little better so I got to watch from the audience. Let's just say it was a very memorable recital this year and we learned that Brittany can do HARD things. I am so proud of her!


Janice said...

Good for both of you. I love her outfit this year.

Jennifer said...

(Hi. We met at the movies once with Circe. I wanted to pop in and comment ...)

I was there at the recital and would never have known your Brittany was sick, because she did so well. Please tell her so.

sws said...

I love the picture with the, what a trooper. Wish I could've seen her dance. Looking forward to seeing all of you on Wednesday! ss

Circe said...

We laughed, we cried, didn't we? Recital week would not be the same without a little drama. I'm proud of Brittany and you both for being so brave! The phone was classic! I can't believe it was the Bach minuet. Perfect!! Brittany has a core of steel to pull that off!

Camille said...

Oh man, I'm glad she made it through but what bad luck. She looks lovely as ever.