Thursday, June 24, 2010

Joshua's Party

Yesterday we had Joshua's party with his friends. And my friends. The kids he plays with most are the kids of my friends who come to Wednesday lunch which has turned into Wednesday park days during the summer. It was pretty much the easiest party you can imagine but did serve as a setting for fun pictures and we all know it is about the pictures. Brittany painted every one's faces.
There were, of course, wonderful presents.

Then there was the playing with the presents.

Concluding with a tower of Buzz and Woody cupcakes. What more could you want?!
Ah yes, a nap with a new gorilla. Yes, that is a crib he is in. Don't judge us, the kid takes a two hour nap in there and still goes to bed at 8 every day. Maybe it is just my form of denial that my baby is four now!


sws said...

What a fun party! I wish my Josh would take a 2 hr nap each day.

Sarah Smiles said...

Fun Party!

Circe said...

Thanks for a great party!
Hey, my kids would ALL still be in cribs if it would guarantee naps!

Circe said...

I love the face painting! And hey, check out my blog. This year my summer drama camps' play is Alice In Wonderland! :)

C said...

My little one napped until kindergarten, too. Even with a big boy bed. I think some kids just need more sleep. And I LOVED my afternoon time. I say, enjoy it while you can.

Camille said...

Aw, that is so sweet. Can he get out of the crib by himself now?