Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Another Salt Lake Field Trip

Yesterday was another trip to Salt Lake. Just in case you are wondering, I am recording these field trips so that when I look around my messy house I can remember the fun memories we are creating. The kids only have a week and a half until school starts and apparently we are going to send Summer out big. We stopped at our state capitol. It is an amazing building I wanted my kids to see, that and the Pioneer museum across the street was closed for renovations.
Brittany of course loved this monument to the Arts and Education. That's my girl.

Gorgeous murals.

This is why this building is truly amazing. The rotunda. We had our prom under that ceiling. William and I went to a dance in college here too. Can't say I have been back since so it was fun to see it with my kids.
We went to the Natural Science Museum at the U too. Interesting, easily done in an hour so that was good for the attention spans involved. Yes, I think Matthew is attempting a politically incorrect Indian feather sign on his own head. Sigh.

Little tee pee, big boy.
Anther fun day!

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