Sunday, August 08, 2010

Park City 2010

We have just come back from our annual trip to Park City. We like to go up every year around this time of year for a little school shopping, a little fishing and the Arts Festival.

The Arts Festival was actually the last thing we did and this was toward the end when Josh got tired. Going to the Park City Arts Festival was actually William and my second date long ago. It isn't quite as peaceful with three kids but we still love it. I guess because we do a lot of crafts around here my kids are usually pretty well behaved and interested in the different methods and types of art there.

Pretty, pretty Park City. This is my favorite part, the old part above Main Street.
There are still a few remnants of the Olympics around. I have to admit to hoping that actually driving one of these things is not a skill any of my kids develop. Scary!

We made friends with a little art on the streets.
Off to the Uintas for some fishing! I love this picture, William looks like the Pied Piper of the forest.
Our spot, we had to move from our usual spot. The water was really low this year.

Brittany went on a flower hunt with my camera and Josh. This is our spot from the trail she was on.

This is what we were after. We love this little lake because if we can get there early enough (8 a.m.) we are almost guaranteed success. This was our first fish.

Lovely little lake.

Everybody caught at least two and sometimes three.

Brittany found lots of flowers too. There were tiny mushrooms and giant ones. That one in the top right hand corner was at least 6-8 inches across.
It was a great trip, I guess now we are that much closer to being ready for school to start.


Jennie said...

What a fun family outing. You'll have to share your Unitah spot with us. It looks so picturesque!

Sarah Smiles said...

What is the name of the lake? We need pointers so that we can catch ONE fish!

Sarah Smiles said...

What do you use for bait?

Circe said...

You're such a fun family. What a gorgeous setting for some family fun!

Camille said...

Great pictures! That lake looks like the perfect family outing.