Thursday, August 05, 2010


I swear we are still here. We are just playin'. My sister and her girls came up this week. There was swimming, shopping, playing and eating. But I only took these two pictures. This is what the theater looks like on a weekday morning if you go see the movie that is available in 3-D in regular 2-D. Had the theater to ourselves. We enjoyed Despicable Me but not nearly as much as we all enjoyed watching and listening to Josh yell things at the screen. I think he really liked having the theater to ourselves.

Josh and Abby making houses under the chairs in Grandma's bedroom. Look at that face, could he possibly be having more fun? So that is why I have been absent. It is also why I have dirty floors and lots of dirty laundry. But there is plenty of time for that sort of thing when they all go back to school right?


Circe said...

Sounds like you have your priorities in order!

Circe said...

I just saw Despicable Me too! I really liked it. Although we didn't have the theater ALL to ourselves! Fun!