Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Discovery Gateway

The fun continues! Man we are finishing this Summer strong! Yesterday it was The Discovery Gateway. The second time in a week in fact. It was a free day and we just couldn't resist we had so much fun the first time with neighborhood friends. This was probably the most popular attraction, the building site. Giant block, a crane and a chute to send the blocks down. What more could a kid want?

Brittany and Maddie practicing their newscaster skills.

If you need a magnetic tube to send balls done constructed these two are up for the job.

This is Joshua's friend Gage. Josh LOVES Gage. Almost as much as he loved this water display.

The rock wall wasn't really that tall, honest. I just tried to make it look really high when I took the picture. Very fun.
We even hit the balloon-making man on the way out the last day. Josh wanted to love on his puppy and Matthew is ready to take someone out with his balloon sword and holster. Do swords have holsters?
Such great adventures! Only four more days though. I think I am going to have them so worn out they will be glad to go back to school!


sws said...

good for you! i like that you're going out strong! miss you!

The Vintage Sister said...

so fun!! we have a Discovery Museum near us too and the boys love it.
i'm glad you're enjoying your summer:)