Monday, August 30, 2010

Singin' and Dancin'

Believe it or not we are taking a break from ballet this year. Brittany would have advanced to three times a week and neither one of us wanted to do it that often. I figured this was good time to try something else and maybe we will come back to ballet next year. She had so much fun doing the little production of Alice that we decided to try Show Stoppers. They spend time each week working on singing, dancing and acting. The first production is Mary Poppins. They send each kid home with a CD of the music. As you can see Brittany is practicing hard. Josh might make a good chimney sweep too.


Circe said...

Brittany is going to be amazing! When is Mary Poppins? We HAVE to see it. She was so good in Alice, I think she has a singing-acting-dancing career ahead of her!

Circe said...

It's just me again. I can't wait until lunch tomorrow! Yay! And ps...LaRoca is just as disorganized and stupid as city league and AYSO. Same drill: "Hi, I'm the new coach they got last night because the original coach bailed out and we have practice tomorrow at a school really far away from where you live. Oh, and we don't know the game schedule yet." But Free is stoked.