Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's What Fun Is

This picture Brittany drew last night says it all. Yep, we went to Lagoon yesterday. William's work party was there so to the delight of my children off we went on one of the hottest days of the Summer.
This is the face your four year old makes on every ride of the morning after you are foolish enough to start the day on the roller coaster he is barely tall enough to ride. I completely lost all credibility after that and he wouldn't believe me that things wouldn't go too fast.
Luckily his love for cars helped us overcome the fear.

Yep, Josh was kicking back in his boat while his older siblings were off conquering roller coasters with their dad. No pictures of that because lets face it, those would not be cute pictures.

I loved this about this year's visit. Matthew still wanted to do some of the kiddie rides with Josh even though he is almost too tall. I had to take pictures, it was his last year in kiddie-land!

This is why we came. I love the sibling bonding that happens when they are planning what ride to ride together next.
Brittany was all about finding the cutest animal to ride on the merry go round. The girl is starting to develop attitude, can you tell?
Course, Josh has a little too.
Wow, an actual picture of me on the blog! Proof that even though if you had asked me the day before why were going to Lagoon when I had just about had it with all of my kids I couldn't have told you, I really did have fun too.
So that it is it. The end of our Summer. Tomorrow school starts. Yippppeeee!

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Circe said...

I have never been so happy in my life. You?!? Except that kindergarten is only one hour today. That's a cute picture of you Lagoonin' it!