Sunday, October 14, 2012

Formal Night

One night during the cruise we were supposed to dress up for a formal night. Our family is not really very formal so church dress was about right for us. I do think we clean up nicely though.
We didn't want to wait in line for Mickey so we had someone take this in front of the cool chandelier up a few floors. The funny thing was we turned around and William ended up taking pictures for family after family. Good idea I guess!
My cute family. I swear we didn't torture Matthew before the picture. Got to find the perfect word for that boy to say when we take a picture. He is still awfully handsome though.
While we were waiting I took a few pictures in front of some Mickey windows. Brittany got her brother to dance with her for a split second. So even though it is a little blurry I love this picture.
Here we are! All of us looking beautiful! I wish you could see more that the kids meals at the end of the table, it was all so pretty.
Brittany and her mom!
A little on the food. Everyone wanted to try Creme Brulee. It was super yummy. I love dessert.
One of our adorable waiters Arman,would bring the kids ketchup for their fries every night. He took requests and would pour it in different shapes, this one is the ship. Usually animals like a dog, bird and dolphin.The guy had skills.
Our fantastic grandparents!


love.boxes said...

How fun! I love all these great pictures.. who thought of catsup art? :)

Tiff said...

Cutest parents EVER!Best trip EVER!