Saturday, October 13, 2012

Meeting Characters and Seeing the City

Okay this is starting to seem like all we did was take pictures with characters but really, those are the moments that made the best pictures!
Waiting in line to meet some Disney friends. Don't they rock the Minnie ears?
Mikey and Sulley, my Josh and his cousins Abby and Libby.
The grandparents with their very happy grandchildren! Oh and Mickey!
Woody and Jessie and the kids.
To infinity and beyond! Josh and I meeting the very big Buzz Lightyear!

Our first port was San Francisco. When we got off the boat we realized we had an amazing view of our ship. had to take some pictures. How cute are my parents>
My family. If you look above Brittany's head you can see them washing the ship.
We docked right near Fisherman's Wharf so of course we had to go see the sea lions.
Officially on the wharf. I wish I had taken a picture of a guy we saw with a sign that said, "Give me money or I will vote for Romney." Gotta love San Francisco!
William checking out our ship. So pretty and enormous!

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