Friday, October 12, 2012

Onboard activities

So what did we do on the ship? Lots of eating of course, the kids hung out in the kid clubs too. But of course we had to meet a few important people. Our kids are almost past the point where the characters are super important but when you know that princesses will be visiting in the lobby who could resist?
I love how detailed the dresses the princesses wear are, it seems like they just take them over the top. How cute is Snow White?
Matthew wasn't too into meeting princesses but Josh was right there with us for it all. Cinderella is one of my very favorites.
Ariel was so darling too. Every gesture is perfect and so characteristic. Josh did insist Grandma be in some of the pictures too.
They had all sorts of interesting things you could go to. This guy is making a dolphin ice sculpture right in front of us in about 5 minutes. We also learned how to draw Mickey, make some of the food they served, how to fold napkins and how to fold the cool animals they make with towels. Among other things.
There were some family crafts. Brittany, Josh and I made these masks. The kids made some crafts in the clubs too. Libby and Abby weren't as interested in the clubs but my boys thought the video games were great.
One day there was a puppet show in the club Josh was in so he became all inspired and wanted to do a puppet show of his own. He talked Abby into participating and before you knew it we were all given tickets and invitations to attend a special show in Grandma and Grandpa's room. I love imagination!
 Of course we had to spend some time in this cool pool and the other pool.
 William was the nice parent who jumped in and let Josh ride him. That way I could munch fruit and talk to my sister.
Every night we went to an amazing show. Different every night. Some nights it was a Disney musical, there were a couple of hysterical comics and a ventriloquist. That is one of the things I really loved about the Disney cruise. We never had to worry that a show we took our kids to would be inappropriate. Not to mention they were all excellent. They also had a movie theater where we finally saw Brave, The Avengers, and The Odd Life of Timothy Green. So much fun, I already miss it so much!

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