Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sea World

Another port that we stopped in was San Diego. So if you are in San Diego you have to go to Sea World right? My kids had never been so it was a lot of fun. It did remind us how good we had it on the ship not waiting in many lines and being waited on all day. Sea World on a Friday is pretty crowded and busy but it was a lot of fun.
The kids with Shamu. The soft plush version. Not sure where Brittany is in this one. Maybe Shamu ate her!
Kids pretending to be in the sea.
Waiting for the Shamu show. Matthew was the only one who would take a picture with me. Poor kid wishes he had my sunglasses though. The shows were different than I remember when I was a kid. Still amazing though!
How does something that large get itself into the air?
Next was the dolphin show which didn't even seem related to the one I remember. There was a whole story complete with aerial acrobatics. Not to mention this guy riding the dolphins.
The end of the show with the amazing bird characters and performing animals. This show was my favorite part of our trip to Sea World.
Watch out, the girls are being attacked by a huge starfish! Wait, it is just a sculpture.
Looking for starfish with Grandma. Goodbye Sea World we sure loved you!

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