Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I have decided to try and throw a kid tip a week in here. I have gathered from some of my friends that some of the things we do around here are a little unusual. This is one of our favorite projects. Painting on canvas. My friend Circe introduced this idea to us a couple of years ago and boy do we love it! You can buy three of these canvas in different sizes for around 3 or 4 bucks at Walmart. I do recommend having your kids draw their pictures on first as they are starting out. I draw the picture for my 4 year old, the rainbow is his, and then he paints it in like a coloring book. I let them use acrylic craft paint, so make sure you have a covered surface and good paint shirts. Brittany has gone wild with this idea and creates great stuff, the other two are hers. Kids love this, they feel like a "real" artist and there is something great about the lasting effect of paint on canvas.


love.boxes said...

You sold another bag!!!

Tell the kidos that I love, love, love their paintings and tell B that her cloud fluff is perfect!!!

michelle said...

Only you would notice the loveliness of cloud fluff! Thanks Tiff!

Jenni said...

i love this idea, i have a little artist who would love this, i never knew you could buy the canvas so cheap...but do i really have to go to Wal Mart to get it? Probably for that price I do, huh?