Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Okay, this a little embarrassing, but I love these little Madame Alexander dolls. Okay not so unusual, lots of people do, but mine happen to have originated from a very unsophisticated source. Drum-roll please: McDonalds. Yup, those of you with kids may know that once a year McDonalds puts these cute little dolls in their kids meals. We love them at our house! I will never be able to justify the expense of the real, full-size dolls so this way I still get to have my own little collection. Why do I bring this up now? Because it is that time of year and I became the proud owner of Dorothy and Glinda the good there in front yesterday! Yup, you guessed it this year's theme is The Wizard of Oz! So as sickening as it is to think about I am afraid we will be eating some fries and chicken around here, although yesterday I just ordered the chocolate milk and apple crispers and chucked the hamburger, then I could but them in Brittany's lunch today! I know I need serious help! Oh well, these are the silly little things that make me happy!


love.boxes said...

If you ever want the regular ones.. you can find them 1/2 price at Teusday Mornings. Cute pic!

Sarah Smiles said...

very cute collection. you are cute.