Sunday, August 16, 2009

1989-When the hair was Big!

Well, the long anticipated 20 year reunion is over! What a weekend! I have a few mixed feelings. Sad it is over, it really was fun. But glad it is over, seriously I have not stressed about what I was going to wear like that in about 20 years! The best part was definitely getting together with my best friends from high school. Can you believe how big our hair was?
This was us then.
This is us now. I think we are aging quite nicely thank you! We were like sisters back then. It has been probably at least 10 years since we were all together, maybe more. These girls mean so much to me. They loved me when I was very shy, not comfortable with myself or my own talents. They helped shape me into the person I would become and protected me from bad choices. I love them dearly.

We had a lot of fun too, this is one of the dances we went to together, it was a Halloween dance and we had dinner in my friend Kim's barn. I am the saloon hall dancer. I loved that costume. It was so great to be together again. Then there are the rest of the folks I went to school with . I have to say I think they all grew up to be really nice folks. So many people I enjoyed back then but haven't seen in awhile. So much fun to see them all. We all have grown up, to say the least. It was fun to compare careers and families. I little sad to see the effect of life choices on a few.

The whole thing made me value even more the friends I have from that time that I see more often than every twenty years. Some of them are in this photo from a youth conference we went to. I am lucky that there are probably a dozen or so I see or am in contact with frequently.

I stole this photo from my friend Circe, I couldn't find any with her in it she is always the one taking the pictures. It is a few of us at her baby shower. This weekend made me want to hang onto them even tighter. There is just something special about people that have known you since you were a kid. And it goes without saying that we are going to have a great time talking over the weekend's events! Now I have to go back to being my grown-up responsible mother-person but it sure was fun revisiting the 17 year old me!
Hey, if you happen to be one of my friends from way back you can read more about the reunion on Circe's blog and here and here.


Jennie said...

I love the outfit you wore. So cute and fresh. I talked with my sis, Annalee, tonight and she echoed your sentiments. Fun time and fun to see everyone. I am sure you are glad it is over.

Queen Elizabeth said...

Looks like you had a blast. Can you BELIEVE how big our hair was? Unreal. And the mullets - what were people thinking? Feel free to send more pics of the reunion. I need to feel tapped in ;)

sws said...

Was that Mike in the Halloween photo? Hillarious! What a fun night!! So, so fun to see everybody. I thought people looked even better than in high school. You captured it nicely, no big hair! We need to get together for lunch and re-cap. Thanks for posting the photos. Great summary...I felt the same way about the night.

michelle said...

Sarah, that does look like Mike but it was Chad Poulsen. Such a fun night! I say we lunch as soon as the kids are in school next week!

Blackeyedsue said...

Michelle, where did you go to high school? My graduation gown was the same color and the officers sweater your friend is wearing looks blue and yellow? Or is it black and yellow?

Circe said...

It was so fun! We have got to plan lunch so we can analyze every detail! You looked fabulous, but it would have been weird if you didn't. You look fab all the time!

Motherboard said...

Fantastic recap! What were we thinking with the giant hair?

I'm glad I went. Thanks for the encouragement!

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I remembered my high school friends before. we also used to be so close and attached to each other. It's good to hear you have fun together. God bless!!!

Christine said...

You guys look great and very youthful:) Glad to hear you had a great time and I think it's a pretty special thing to still be friends this many years and experiences later:)

The differences in hair is rather amusing, although I'm sure the differences in the guys hairlines is even funnier now..:P