Thursday, August 20, 2009

Good Kids

You hear a lot these days about troubled teens. In fact I have to admit to being scared to death of how I will handle the teen age years. My mom always insisted that she loved having teen agers and their friends at her house. I hope I will feel the same. We have had a great experience with a teen-ager this summer. Her name is Sarah, she is 16 and just amazing. My friend Circe recommended her to me. She has been teaching a series of music lessons for kids this summer. Violin, piano and voice. I have been so impressed with her talent, poise and just plan sweetness. The recital for the kids in her class was this week.

Here is Miss Brittany with her violin. Sarah is at the piano. Forgive the late afternoon sun giving her an even more angelic glow.

It was even more fun to watch because our friends Golda and Ruby, also good examples of great kids, had taken voice lessons and also performed.

I would say it is unreasonably unfair for these two girls to sing so well and play instruments like they do if I didn't know how hard they practice to develop their talents.

The whole group even played a song together on bells. Matthew got to help too.

It was a lovely recital and a lovely experience this Summer. I owe Miss Sarah thanks for what she has taught Brittany and for reminding me that teen-agers really can be lovely too. I think I will keep Brittany in her lessons if for no other reason than I hope her example will rub off on Brittany!


Artfulife said...

What a great example she is setting. I know some adults who can't accomplish the same things she is at 16. Also a great example for those young girls. What a neat experience.

Circe said...

If my girls turn out as poised, talented, sweet and wonderful as Sarah, I'll be happy. I think Brittany is well on her way! She did a great job. She has a good ear, and not everybody can say that! What a fun recital. thanks for the pictures of my kids. My camera must have been with my shoes! :)

sws said...

How fun! Let us know next time and we will come watch. It looks like a fun experience, thanks for sharing.