Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our Day at the Fair

I feel like I should sing that song that Templeton sings in Charlotte's Web about the fair. We spent a really fun morning at the county fair today.

You can't beat the fair for colorful animals. You gotta love polka dot chickens and rabbits! Don't you love the bunny who got dressed up for the fair?

We had some fun pony rides.

Raced some ducks.

Met a very lovely clown named Rainbow who made fabulous balloon treats.

Yep, the sign was right!


Circe said...

Holy Cow! You are in overdrive on the fun summer activities! You're putting the rest of us to shame! And you still had time to bring us treats and take Ruby home from ballet! Thank you doesn't even begin to suffice!

michelle said...

But you should see how dirty my house is!

Artfulife said...

The dirty house can wait, you are making memories. Way more important than a clean house.

Blackeyedsue said...

THAT Rainbow the Clown was the same clown that came to my fifth birthday party.

She's also my friend's aunt. She rocks. Kind of a Utah staple.

Looks like a great time!

The Vintage Sister said...

Your Fair looked great and the kids look so happy!! My kids absolutely love looking at the animals. Smelling them? Not so much:)

Anonymous said...

Oh, my how your kids change from time to time. I enjoy looking at the pictures. If I ever get back to Utah, they will not even know who I am. The twins will be 1 year old on Thursday. I am not sure where this year has gone. Tristan army crawls all over the place and Asher gets up on al fours, leans forward until he falls on his face, rolls over and proceeds again. Marcus got his first tooth on Wed. Show the kids an old picture of me; I do not look the same. I will try to update soon.

Aunt Diane in MN (just in case you have another aunt Diane in another state).

love.boxes said...

I love that little bunny with the pink bow.. I wonder if she is hypo allergenic? What a fun time!