Tuesday, March 23, 2010


We did go see Alice with our Grandma yesterday, just as planned. It was lovely! I was a little nervous-Tim Burton can be a little out there for me. But I thought Alice was just perfect, maybe the little bit of weirdness didn't bother me because the original Alice's story was a little out there itself. We did not see it in 3-D and I am glad, I think that might have made it too scary for Josh. It was so lovely to look at. Such fun to watch Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter's colorful faces. I loved how Alice kept changing size so she kept changing pretty dresses. I plan on buying it on DVD and I don't do that very often anymore so that is the highest praise I can give!

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vivian said...

I LOVED it too.. I can see where some parts in 3d could be a bit tough on a little one.. but thats part of what I loved about it were the 3D effects.
have a great day Michele!