Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Liberty of England at Target!

My girlfriends are coming for lunch tomorrow (Yippee!). But do you think I spent my morning cleaning house and getting ready like I should have? Nope. I went to Target and had such a party with Josh looking at all of the Liberty of London goods done for Target. They are so much fun!
I wish I could wear this dress I got for Brittany. Look at the matching headband!
I got this scarf for me! Three Liberty fabrics all in one!
If you want to see more you can look online here. It was fun looking all over the store for the pretty pink butterfly too, even if you aren't a fabric geek like me. Now I better clean my house!


sws said...

I must sneak over there after YW! Thanks for the tip!! I hope it's not sold out. I LOVE liberty of london fabric. thanks for the tip!

Circe said...

Oh, don't clean your house. It will just make the rest of us feel inadequete. :)