Sunday, March 07, 2010

Folks We met DisneyWorld Part 2

Everyone knows you meet all sorts of amazing folks when you visit the Disney parks. This is Woody coming right for Josh at the parade. You would think any three year old boy would be thrilled. You would think wrong. Joshua wanted nothing to do with any of the Disney folk. His mother was so disappointed. This is the closest we got to a picture with him and a character in it. That is the back of his head.
Flat Stanley accompanied us on our trip as part of Matthew's homework. He was so excited when Matthew found a real jelly fish on the beach and he could have his picture taken with it. Luckily we were smart enough not to touch Mr. Jelly.

I tried to get Mary Poppins to come home with us and be their nanny but this was as close as we got.
I take it back, Josh would get in the big shark as long as Grandma went too. Sad, my family eaten at Epcot isn't it?

The ultimate meeting if you are a seven year old boy is a storm trooper.

Brittany was unimpressed with Stinky Pete.

Much more excited to meet Ariel. When she was little we would ask her if she was a princess and she would tell us she was a mermaid.

A ugly old pirate for Matthew

Every girl needs a fairy godmother right?

Heroes made of Legos, it doesn't get better than that!


Paige said...

Oh my gosh we are doing flat stanley right now too with one of my second graders. The teacher wanted us to send it to a relative or friend outside the US. The only address I could get via text on the way to school when it was due was my sister's in LA. Not exciting. Your flat stanley jelly fish is definitely cool.

Circe said...

Your mom is a good sport! All the pictures are adorable!

tattingbug said...

Glad you had fun. :)

sws said...

so much more to do at Disney World! Love the Lego pictures....and can you believe how the actors can channel the Disney characters? wow. Can't wait to compare notes. ss

Circe said...

Fun!!! Fun!!! Fun!!!

Natalie said...

So glad to see your family pictures! I am so sorry we haven't connected yet for that dinner date we ARE going to have in 2010! We just returned from Disneyland & it seems like we've been fighting colds and coughs ever since. Once I can get my head above water again, we'll be ready & healthy to have you over or meet for dinner! Tell William hello for Terry. Talk you soon--Love, Natalie

(un)Deniably Domestic said...

WE loved meeting Mary P. as well. She is truly my favorite and I am forever telling my students that I am just like her..."practically perfect in every way!" They might not believe me, but I am sure if Mary had not been a nanny she would have been an English teacher. Such a pretty, pretty blog you have. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic