Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma!

See this woman? She is just about the most fun any kid can have in the Grandma department. She is willing to ride magic carpets with you.
Will go right into the mouth of a shark for you.

Explore animal kingdoms with you.
And meet all sorts of interesting folks with you. Yep, she is one of a kind and we are so glad she is ours! Today is her birthday and we are going to see Alice in Wonderland. More fun with one of our very favorite Grandmas!


Circe said...

I agree. Your grandma is one of the very best. I have always wanted to be one of her kids! :)

Circe said...

I went and saw Alice on Saturday! I liked it, but it was sometimes a little strange- it was by Tim Burton!

Camille said...

Tell your mom Happy Birthday from me. I sure am grateful she's been such a wonderful Aunt to me all these years. She's just the best!

sws said...

I hope I am such a fun grandma! Happy Birthday!