Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Wedding Singer

I took my kids on a trip back to the eighties last night. As a child of the 80's I really enjoyed our local high school's production of The Wedding Singer. They always do such a great job. It was a little surreal sitting there with my kids watching kids that were just the age I was in the late 80's looking just the way I did then. The hair and clothes were perfect, they must have hit the local thrift stores hard. They brought back the mullet in a big way. Even the 80's wedding dresses were pretty familiar. I came home very nostalgic for my youth. I can't believe I am this woman now, I remember the adults telling me back then to enjoy things, it would go so fast. They were so right. At least I have a lovely youth to look back on and I am lucky that the people I cared about then, for the most part are still part of my life. I realized that as much as I loved my teens I really love my life more now. I have so many amazing blessings in my life and even more people to love. I do however really miss the waist I had back then. Don't miss the hair though!
Let's look past the fact that they are brother and sister and just enjoy the cuteness okay?

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