Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Square A Day

I don't know how many of you remember but I got all inspired last summer by Amy's Square a Day Sampler. It has been a lot of fun but still isn't finished. So when I saw she had started a new one to celebrate her 39th birthday I had to join in hopes of finally finishing mine. It has been a really great project, it has come to represent the different characters and interests in our family.
This is where I am at now.
I have added these new squares since I joined. Good progress, there might just be a chance of me finishing!

Just finished this one too.

You can join up of just look around at all the pretty samplers on the blog that Amy started just for this project. There may be periodic square postings for a little while now until I finish!


Diane Duda said...

did i say i love this?

Sarah Smiles said...

Can't wait to see more.

janimal said...

Wow, your sampler is awesome! Nice job.