Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Spring!

I had my girlfriends for lunch the other day. My very most favorite day of the week! It was a good excuse to get the chandelier ready for Spring. I love having lunch with "my girls" as they are known around here. I still can't believe we have managed to do this all winter. One of the kids asked her mom when they were going to "that women's shelter". Her mom couldn't figure out what she was talking about until she finally pieced together that she was referring to our lunch group! I have to admit to calling it that in my head now, it is so appropriate because these women save my very sanity some weeks.
My friend Tiffany brought cupcakes from Cutsie Cakes in Layton to help us celebrate St. Patrick's Day. They were amazing! If you or anyone you know needs a treat this is the place to go! They also are part gift boutique to!


Janice said...

Love the chandelier.

suzitee said...

Happy Spring to you! (even though it is Autumn where I live hee hee). I found you throught the 39 squares blog, and SO love your sampler so far. Such great little images...hope you keep going and finish this time, as it will be such a lovely piece to have.
Happy stitching xxx

Circe said...

I love Women's Shelter. We'll have to reprise those cupcakes for the girls who weren't there! And for those of us who were there, let's face it. I'm still craving the mint-chocolate one. Lunch was perfect, as usual. And really, I might have gone crazy this winter without my Women's Shelter. Just as necessary now is the Tuesday ritual where I text you and say, "Why isn't it Wednesday yet?" hee hee

Jennie said...

Oh Man! Now you are really rubbing it in. :) I can't believe I missed it... the chandelier, the cupcakes, the talk.... :)

I'm glad it was fun. Hopefully I'll be there for the next one.