Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Crafty Kids

Over Spring Break my nieces wanted to have an "Art Day" as they call it. So they came up to spend the day and pulled out all of the craft supplies again. Look at all of that creativity flowing!
Matthew's giant watercolor of a really cool car.

Libby got all inspired by my friend Tiffany's creations and since her very favorite subject would be brides and grooms she made these little cuties.

Here is there close up, cute aren't they?

Abby made a fairy wand, a butterfly and a doll. She is also modeling one of Brittany's hats topped off with a cute flower she made with some friends. Busy busy girl!

Brittany worked really hard on these amazing fairies. Their skirts are coffee filters. Gorgeous aren't they?
It was such a fun day, makes me look forward to Summer when we can do it more often!


Artfulife said...

What a fun day!

Circe said...

All the crafts are amazing! And those mini Tiffs are adorable! :)

The Vintage Sister said...

wow! what a fun day. i give you credit for opening yourself uip to so much clean up. they all did an amazing job!!

love matthew's cool new cut:)

Circe said...

The fairies are AMAZING! You are so talented Brittany!

Camille said...

What fun!
The butterfly kit was from Costco. You got the butterfly garden and a card to mail away for the caterpillars and I think it was 12.99. Great deal for all the fun it was.

Kristi said...

Brides and grooms. That's funny. And completely not a surprise. Looks like a very fun day!