Monday, April 19, 2010

Granny Squares

These are my latest accomplishment. I have been trying for a couple of weeks to teach myself how to make granny squares.

These were my teachers. As the daughter of a librarian it probably isn't to surprising that when I want to learn a new skill I go to the library. As you can see it took several books to find an approach that clicked in my brain but now I can't stop!


Sarah Smiles said...

Rachel has been crocheting constantly, but she only knows how to do chains. We need to get together so you and Brittany can help her do more! Nice squares!

Thimbleprims Studio said...

Hi Michelle!
Wow, those are lovely granny squares. I crochet but I've never attempted granny squares. Are you making an afghan with them?
I do that, too. I get books and then teach myself from the books. It depends on what it is, though.
Big hugs from,

T's Daily Treasures said...

wow! You are busy, busy in your corner of the world. Amazing how one week you have snow and the next thing you know, tulips are blooming. Wonderful! I love that you've all been so crafty. I tried once to learn granny squares, but didn't quite get it. I need a pattern that clicks with me as I've been wanting to do them for some time now. :) So great to take your kids to the park and enjoy time to crochet while you are there. Entertaining for all! Hope you are having a great week. :) Tammy

sws said...

how fun! Love your bright colors. You never cease to amaze me!