Saturday, April 17, 2010

Practically Perfect!

This morning when we woke up the tulips William planted last Fall had finally really bloomed! The beginning of a practically perfect day!
Finally Spring has come to Utah and we have spent most of it outside. I took these monkeys to the park. I had to keep reminding myself to savor it all, how much longer will all three still want to hang with me at the park?

I had a horrible realization of how old my baby has gotten as he spent most of the time on the perilous merry-go-round with his brother and sister. Last year he wouldn't go near it and I was happy with that.

He can make this thing work this year without hurting himself.

Not quite as well as his brother can though.

Which gave me plenty of time to lay on a blanket and crochet these. After lunch outside on a blanket it was time for Matthew's soccer game where he scored his first goal. It was so nice to actually be warm at a game!

Came home to find my man planting not just one but TWO new magnolia trees in the back yard.
Now I am off to get the babysitter so William and I can go out to dinner and look at more plants for the yard. It has be such a lovely day, very little of the usual sibling bickering that usually takes place around here. Must be the sun exposure.


Sarah Smiles said...

How nice! That looks like Adams Elementary. That is where Ivan has soccer practice.

Anonymous said...

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