Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Late Earth Day

William must be doing something right because on a spontaneous trip to Home Depot last weekend he found a killer deal on trees. Great big, lovely trees were just being unloaded from a pallet for $27 each! Since we still need trees in our yard he went a little crazy. I think he made three trips to Home Depot. Here is my man planting away. The pretty tall pine tree we had already planted but the maples are new.
Unfortunately he couldn't get them all planted so now his shop portion of the garage looks a little like a forest to protect them from a coming storm.

This what the kids were doing while he was planting.

This just makes me smile. William in his church clothes on Matthew's bike telling him he had to stop flying the kite to come in to go to church.


sws said...

what a lovely home and yard you are creating! And what a great family.

Sarah Smiles said...

Awesome trees. Great picture of William!