Thursday, April 15, 2010

We are getting our first new neighbors, probably next week (don't get me started on the color of that stucco-flesh comes to mind). Josh and I were talking about how the new people would be coming next week on our way home from a walk. He says, "So is Jesus making the people now?" Someone has been listening at church. He has got the part from the lesson where we learn that Heavenly Father and Jesus created us all-it is the size he hasn't quite gotten down!

Since this seems to be a Josh post I have to add this comment he made this afternoon after stubbing his toe, "Mom my toe is crying!" Love that kid!


Janice said...

We live next door to a house with pink brick. Exciting to finally get neighbors!

vivian said...

how cute! I love the things that kids say! Once my son told me that french fries kind of reminded him of potatos! lol
I think we could all write little books.. and we probably should!

Circe said...

LOL!! He is too cute!

Amanda said...

Oh that is so cute! We feel for you and the pink stucco outside your window...we really do hehe!