Monday, February 02, 2009

Button Rings

I am trying to get a lot of crafting out of my system so that when the move finally happens(soon we are hoping!) I will be able to just concentrate on unpacking and such. So I have seen some of these rings in blogland and had to try one myself It is made from one flat button and one with a shank that I cut off and then superglued them together. Then I superglued them to the ring thing (don't know what the thing you build it on is called but I found them on etsy). It helps if you have all my Grandma's old buttons at your disposal like I do here at my mom's house too. I think I may have to make some more!


Gail :) said...

It's gorgeous!!! What better way to admire vintage bling all day long ;)

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

What a cute ring! I can't wait to get to the flea markets to get some new current stash is sad.
I love the pic's of the kids below. I would have never thought of an outdoor hot cocoa party:)
Enjoy your week!

Anonymous said...

Cool. Sarah

Krissysart said...

How beautiful! There really are some amazing buttons out there. They are little pieces of art themselves. Love how you made the ring out of it. I never would have thought of something so creative.

dubuhdudesigns said...

That's a great idea, Michelle! I've seen some really cool buttons that were too big for dolls and contemplated buying them but didnt know what to do with I know:)

By the way, call me clueless but you are moving again?Maybe I should go back and read what I missed!

Couture de Papier said...

Beautiful! Hullo from Hull,Massachusetts!Please stop by for my OHOW Bon Bon Giveaway