Saturday, February 07, 2009

Happy Birthday Gram!

It was my grandmother's 87th birthday this week. My sister and her family came up to help us celebrate. My mom tried really hard to make it special for her with presents and the same kind of cake roll Gram used to get for a special dessert treat for us when I was a kid. She is suffering from dementia and is in a care center. My Gram is such a major character in all of my childhood memories. She is still such a sweety even though she struggles each day. She was having a hard day today, she usually looks much happier than she does in these pictures. My dad and his mom!
Gram with the grandkids from my dad's branch of the family tree. I wish I could explain the excitement and joy that Gram greeted each one of these babies with. She really has treasured each one.

Gram getting just a little help blowing out her candle. Poor Brittany couldn't help, she has a cold.
We love you Gram and are so grateful for the way you have blessed our lives!


i cant sew said...

i feel blessed to have such wonderful memories of my grandmother 'mama' she died at the age of 94 12 years ago but i think of her everyday. i cant imagine how hard it must be for you (and her) that she is trapped in a world that she cannot get out of. she obviously has your love and you have her warm soul. big kisses to her and each of you.
%*_*% rosey

Christine said...

How wonderful that your kids get to spend time and get to know their great grandmother..happy birthday to her!!

Camille said...

That is so sweet! I can't get over how old Grandma looks. Wish I could see her more often. It's so nice that you all could celebrate her birthday with her - really, very sweet.