Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oh, How I Love My New Kitchen!

I think I am in love. With my oven. If you have visited me very often you have figured out that I really like to bake. Almost as much as I like to craft. My mom was very tolerant of my baking habits but lets face it, there is just nothing like having your own kitchen to make a mess in. Boy, have I been making a mess. And it makes me so happy! These recipes have all been here before. They are here, here and here.


i cant sew said...

i have grand plans to mop then bake have inspired me:)

sws said...

LOVED the cinnamon rolls...some of the best every. Now I just need some lessons to go along with your recipe. Thanks again!

CouponAlbum said...

Interesting post!! Thanks for sharing the links!! Those recipes are truly delicious and easy to make!!