Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Joshua, the Great Decision Maker!

First of all, you guys are the best! This is the number one reason I love blogging. It is so much fun to share great stuff with friends! Thank you for your kind words about the house, we are really excited.
So the day came when we had to decide what carpet to put in the new house. William had the samples all spread out in Mom's living room. Before you know it, he was joined by Joshua, the great decision maker. Apparently every time Dad would rub his chin or scratch his head and say "Hmmmm", so would Josh. It got pretty funny!
Then of course everybody had to get in on the decision making. a
Don't you just love those froggy jammies?


Anonymous said...

These pictures are soooooooooo cute! It is sooooooooo fun to see pictures of my brother! Thanks for sharing!!!!!! Good luck choosing a color! It looks like you have plenty of helpers! :)


Circe said...

How cute!! Those adorable pictures make me think maybe it will be fun to have 2 boys?? (Please tell me it is!)

i cant sew said...

kids crack me up. love the froggy jammies!

Artfulife said...

This is so cute@ How fun to be able to pick all your paint and finishes. Can't wait to see the final results.