Monday, February 16, 2009

Extreme Chair Makeover!

I really wanted to have a couple of new chairs for the family room in the new house. I have one large chair with a red slipcover already and thought I would make a new slipcover for it. My mom and I went shopping at our favorite discount fabric store and found great stuff. Enough for two chairs. So we bought it, not even know what it would eventually go on. That night my mom went back to the thrift store and found a chair we had seen earlier in the week. She convinced the guy at the thrift store it had been there too long and got him to mark it down to $10.

I think it was probably because it was the ugliest chair on earth!

So then I spent the entire week last week working on it in bits and pieces. This is how I kept Joshua busy when he was awake and I worked on the chair. Yep, that is the Barbie doll dreamhouse from my childhood. My sister and I spent more hours than I could count playing with the dream house! Joshua loves the tiny little food, he is holding the corded phone. Thought it was fascinating.
I have meant to show you the little tiny food I used to make for my Barbies. My cousin Karen taught me how to make little boxes to fit the tiny pictures they used to print on coupons. I had the best fed Barbies in town. They have held up pretty well considering how old we all are.

Josh had to sit in the chair as I worked too of course. That is a Barbie mirror I am supposed to be looking in.

Finally, after all my hard work, we have a new chair! A lot cuter don't you think? Now I can hardly wait for the movers to find my old one so I can start on it!

**Note, I was working in my mom's only unfinished room. Her house really doesn't look like this!


Jennie said...

Wow! That is really impressive. I am not usually a crafty kind of person, but I had to give you a shout out for this one Michelle. It really looks nice. I guess I'm just so blown away by the before and after. That really was one unique looking chair! Well done!

Circe said...

You are totally amazing. Who does that? From making tiny cereal boxes to reupholstering furniture, your brain never stops! I love the new chair! Oh, and my star athlete loves cinnamon rolls. Cinnabon is his favorite treat! :) The bread was wonderful. Thanks!

Queen Elizabeth said...

You never cease to amaze me. You are like MacGyver!!

Anonymous said...


Maren said...

You are amazing!

Artfulife said...

It turned out amazing! You are sew talented.

Jenn said... the chair so much! WONDERFUL re-do. I know I've mentioned it before..but I wish I could sew!!!! ;)

But the real reason I came over is because I just got my mail and literally was jumping up and down:):):) THANK YOU for my treat. It is so stinkin' cute, I just love it to bits!! You made my day. thanks Michelle:):):)


Felicia said...

Oh, it turned out great!