Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I had a few sweaters that I had picked up really cheap, but that I wasn't totally in love with so I decided to change them a bit. Forgive the before pictures, it was night and in the basement.

I didn't like the white buttons and this was just sort of boring.

You can't tell in the picture but this had really cheesy white buttons but I like this color.

I changed the buttons to some neat vintage(old!) ones mom had, stitched some daisies I had from some trim and embroidered leaves.
I actually wear it now.
So I changed the buttons to more of the vintage ones my mom had, stitched some daisies I had cut out of trim on and then embroidered leaves. Now I like it a lot more!

Not the greatest pictures, sorry it is really hard to take pictures of yourself! But you get the idea. It was fun to do the hand-work, I got two new sweaters and I can pretend I was recycling


Anonymous said...

You recycle very well! They look awesome! Sarah

Circe said...

I would definitely wear the new sweaters over the old ones! You are so creative!

Gail :) said...

They turned out so cute! I don't know how I missed this post ;)