Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sunday Update-Snow Days

I was so good at doing these Sunday Updates when we lived in California. I guess it seemed like we were up to more exciting things. But I am trying to be better because half of my justification for blogging is to record my families activities. So the Sunday Update is back!
The most exciting(read photogenic) activity of this week has to be all the time the kids have spent out in the snow. It isn't very fresh at this point but the sun is shining so who cares! My parents have a low spot in their backyard and after the rain proceeded the snow last week it turned into a mini-ice skating rink.

There was a lot of sliding by the big kids. Then they got Joshua in on the fun.Which of course turned into this. Don't you think my taking the photo first and then giving the loves should have me up for mother of the year? Don't worry, he wasn't really hurt.

Nothing and outdoor hot chocolate party couldn't fix anyhow.

Yep, loving the snow and the sun!


Anonymous said...

Snow and sun are awesome! Sarah :)

Christine said...

AWW..looks like fun! That pic of Joshua is cute :)
It's been awhile since I added kid pics to my's hard to keep up and I have family asking about that. I try to explain nicely that I only have 24 hrs in my day so, you know..
We have had off an on'll snow here and then go back to almost 60 degree weather. Very odd for us. We should be in snow until March.
The kids must like the snow alot!