Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

This is what I would do if I could, send you each a cute Valentine! I remember when I was single how sometimes Valentine's Day could be sort of depressing. I remember the thought in college that the whole world was getting on the ark two by two except me. When you think like that it can be sort of depressing. I also remember periods when I expected my husband so come through with superhuman standard romance. Although William is good in the romance department he is not superhuman and so was occasionally set up for failure resulting in less than perfect results. I would like the record to show however, he is practically perfect these days! The last few years I adore Valentine's Day. I think I learned this from my friend Tif. She made Valentine's Day a celebration of all the people she enjoyed in her life. So I started doing that, sending little notes or treats to friends or family I might not have ordinarily. And guess what? It is fun! It also makes anything that comes my direction in the way of special treats even more fun. I didn't do as well this year, anticipating the move soon and I miss it. I can at least wish anyone who visits me this weekend a super fabulous Valentine's Day and thank you for making this blogging thing such a fun part of my life!


Circe said...

You made my day with the wonderful doll and pin I took home from ballet! What a treat! Araceli fell in love and held the little doll all night. the girls all decided to share custody of the pin with me and let Ari pretend the doll is hers when it's really mine! I'm so lucky to be your friend! said...

Happy Valentine's day you lovely!!

I adore your and Miss Tif's outlooks ;)

And ooooo, that baby!! Makes me want one, if only for a day :) Maybe, I could just babysit here and there... ;)

ps: The carpet choosing photos were hilariously adorable!!


love.boxes said...

I didn't do anything this year though, but thank you! for the lovely Valentine!