Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fishing Trip

William found some pictures on his camera that never got downloaded. These are so fun I had to post them. For a few years now my dad, William and my brother-in-law Nathan have taken my the old family boat out fishing at least once a Summer. I say the old family boat because it has belonged to my dad's parents since the 60's I think. My mom learned to water-ski behind it when she and my dad were dating. Loads of memories. Anyway, now it is the guys fishing boat and they love it. Matthew got to go with them for the first time last Summer so this year he was an old hand. They go down to Schofield reservoir. Look at that face! Lots of fish were caught. Let's just pretend he has a life-jacket on shall we?

Uh-oh, Mr. Fish is trying to make a break for it!
And he is off the hook! Oh well, saves dad the trouble of getting him off.

To make it an even better day Uncle Nathan delivered on a promise Matthew has been hounding him about for a long time. Target practice with real, actual fire-arms! I am so glad we have Uncle Nathan to handle this part of Matthew's boyhood. He is so interested in guns and all that goes with them and I feel just as comfortable with Nate handling the guns as I would with William. If William had guns and skills. To finish the day off they went to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Los Hermanos. Fishing, guns and fried ice cream. It just couldn't get better!

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